Who We Are


JD is a passionate humanist and skeptical empiricist who loves learning, exploring and creating. He is a voracious reader who grew up on a steady diet of classical fiction and who has since expanded his horizons to behavioral economics, biographies, personal development and contemporary fiction.

Professionally, he is a polymath investment banker with experience across a range of fields. Most recently, JD most recently co-founded Carnegie Capital, a boutique commercial mortgage brokerage, as a direct response to the superior quality and high viability of the many projects that did not “fit the box” of traditional lenders. This impelled him to create solutions for these very projects and the many more strong but intricate transactions like them. Currently JD leads Carnegie Capital in screening new clients and structuring transactions.

Though he is a 3rd generation New Yorker, JD has lived in Chicago, Dallas and Austin where he volunteered with both NYC Cares, Chicago Cares, served as a mentor for underprivileged youth and he helped serve daily meals at Dallas’ ‘The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center’.


Passionate about living ‘the best life’, Jessie can usually be found with his nose buried in philosophy books, listening to behavioral economic lectures, meeting with fellow innovators, or laughing uncontrollably with good friends.

After spending two years building IVY, the world’s first Social University, in Boston, Jessie is leading the US Expansion of the world-class, German Innovation and Design Consultancy, INDEED-Innovation. They believe the future is too important to be left in the hands of technocrats and technologists and now, more than ever, we need human-centered innovation. Their vision is to establish compassionate design as the single most effective steward of our human-ness in the computational/data age.

Having lived in New York, Boston, Chicago and Dallas (and the rest of the country with JD) in the last few years, Jessie loves nothing more than meeting new people. He has been an active volunteer across organizations in the USA, and has spent many a weekend cleaning a soup kitchen or bagging groceries at a food pantry. He is a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and serves on the board of lovin’ spoonfuls.

Jaimie (their sister)

Known by their mutual friends as the coolest Stettin sibling, Jaimie  is a creative strategist based in Paris since 2013, focused on narrative and the stories we tell ourselves and others.

In addition to her current work with Leberecht & Partners, she advises artists, entrepreneurs, and foundations on project development. Jaimie is a New Yorker who moved to Paris for a Fulbright Fellowship after a year living in rural South Korea, where she taught English. It was in Korea that Jaimie and a friend conceptualized and produced the print magazine, PECAN, a traveling travel and art publication, with issues based in Paris, Vancouver, and Seoul. Jaimie’s years of travel, living, and working abroad continue to add insight, perspective, and joy to her work.

Learn about her pursuit of the best natural wines here.

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